Ampetus CEO on Zero Emissions Radio Show Talking about Aquion Battery

Our CEO, Avrohom Jacks was recently heard speaking about the Aquion Hybrid Ion or AHI batteries.  Avrohom spoke about the unique battery chemistry (the batteries run off salt water) and the benefits that users receive from this game-changing battery, carried and proudly sold by Ampetus Energy, here in Australia.

You could listen to the fascinating interview here:

Aquion Energy, spun out of Professor Jay Whitacre’s research centre at Carnegie Mellon University USA, has developed a patented Aqueous Hybrid Ion (AHI™) chemistry, using unique saltwater electrolyte battery technology. Using abundant, nontoxic materials and modern low cost manufacturing techniques, Aquion’s AHI batteries are taking on the global energy storage challenge. The inherently safe chemistry of AHI batteries require no regular maintenance, little thermal management and have a very high cycle life at 100% Depth of Discharge.

Avrohom Jacks of Ampetus Energy is a Melbourne based system integrator using these AHI batteries imported from the US. Avrohom and his team design and build energy storage systems for everyday households so you can store your solar power when you actually need it and allow you to pay off-peak rates during peak time (time-shifting your loads).