Ampetus Energy at Solar 2016 Conference in Melbourne

Ampetus had an extremely successful booth at this year’s Solar Energy Exhibition & Conference in Melbourne.

This year’s was the 54th time that the conference, organized by the Australian Solar Council, was held in Melbourne.

The exhibition is a showcase of the people, projects and products that are driving solar and storage to new heights of innovation and excellence.

The Ampetus booth was a bustling hive of activity, as we launched our game-changing Energy Pod complete, all-in-one energy storage system.

At Ampetus, we let our products do the talking (quite literally, as Energy Pod is the world’s first talking energy storage system).

The feedback from attendees at the show was exceptionally positive.  Consistently, we heard that:

  • Energy Pod’s price is unbeatably low
  • Energy Pod makes more economic sense than any other storage system
  • Energy Pod has the most advanced, coolest and most intuitive interface of any energy storage system on the market today.
  • Energy Pod has a very small footprint for the storage capacity that it contains
  • At 14 KWh of usable storage, Energy Pod packs in significantly more storage than its competitors
  • Energy Pod is the easiest system for installers to sell and install

In short: Energy Pod gives a lot more for a lot less.

Please click here to view some of the many benefits of the Energy Pod energy storage system.  Also, please click here, to view some of the technical specifications.

We hope that we can count on you to partner with us, as together we slash the cost of energy storage for Australia!

Setting up for the showOur booth