Ampetus’ Energy Pod Featured on Solar Choice


The word is getting out there.

Solar PV system brokerage and advice service Solar Choice has posted an excellent article about Ampetus Energy’s new Energy Pod energy storage device.

“The basic value proposition of Ampetus’ Energy Pod is that the device will allow a home to store solar energy during the day for use after the sun has set,” says Solar Choice analyst James Martin. “The Energy Pod is one of the most cost-competitive options currently available in Australia, and is likely to be attractive to homes wanting to increase their energy independence while saving money.”

Solar Choice also has an interesting article about Aquion’s new 24V offering.  With interest in energy storage at an all time high, thanks to companies like Tesla, who offer their Powerwall, and Ampetus, which offers a range of products, including our game-changing Energy Pod, there will be more and more interest in this exciting technology.

You can read the full article here.