Cheap Energy Storage is here today!

The biggest difficulty that has historically faced the renewable energy industry is the challenge of storing solar and wind power at the time of generation in order to use when required. Energy storage has traditionally been too expensive to be economically feasible. This is about to change with the introduction of the game-changing “Energy Pod” energy storage system!

The recent hype over the Tesla Powerwall has motivated many people to evaluated energy storage systems, however most have concluded that the economic justification for energy storage just isn’t quite there yet. This has changed with Energy Pod. Energy Pod is an Australian designed system that is the most affordable, sensible solution on the market.

It comes in a budget-conscious 3 KW version, in a more powerful 5 KW version and in a 10 KW, 3-phase version. All three systems are exceptionally well costed, and are scalable, so you can start with a smaller storage capacity, and build up to a larger capacity as required.

Energy Pod comes with unparalleled intelligence, including an industry first – a voice user interface! Now you can literally have a chat with your home! This is a great educational tool which will inspire your family and friends and build environmental awareness in a fun way. The system monitors energy production, usage, and prioritises solar, batteries and the grid, in order to optimise your power savings.

The unit installs easily, and takes up a small amount of space. It is the equivalent of placing a small fridge in your garage.

Please Energy Pod – Soak up the sun – email version to see a brochure about this innovative unit, and then give us a call at 03 9507 2321 to discuss how simple it is to purchase or finance an Energy Pod for your home!