February 28, 2015

Grid Defector System

Wouldn’t it be nice if your next electricity bill came to:free-seo-tag-medium


With our new, innovative system – it is possible to never pay an electricity bill again!

And, while you are enjoying spending all that extra cash, you will be:

  • Helping the environment.
  • Increasing the value of your home.
  • Making your solar panels work harder for you.
  • Taking revenge on your utility company that for years has been providing you with
  • High prices
  • Bad service
  • No choice

The problem:Suck-uk-colored-drawing-sun-jar-bottle-sun-jar-fairy-jar-two-color.jpg_350x350

Electricity costs in Australia are the highest in the developed world, and they are just getting higher.

Over the next few years they are targeted.

Government incentives for solar are a thing of the past.

Our planet is hurting.

Our Solution:

Our ‘Bottle The Sun’ system is an energy storage device installed on your property.

Our system enables:

  • Storage of solar power for when actually needed
  • Pay off-peak rates during peak time (time-shifting)

The system is the size of a large fridge, and totally safe. It could be stationed in a garage or shed.Cutting_Wires_310_238

Our system comes in three sizes:

  • The BTS 100 – Allows you to run appliances like air-conditioners, heaters and dryer for free!
  • The BTS 300 – Enables you to unplug entirely from the grid. Grid-defectors stop paying for energy!
  • The BTS 200 – A combination of grid and off-grid power which could reduce your energy bills by half.

We also offer our ‘Energy Nanny’ add on.  Energy Nanny tracks your energy usage and sends timely alerts  to your mobile phone when appliances that are running that shouldn’t be.

Plus we can arrange financing meaning that you may pay less for financing than you would for energy – from day one.

In the next 5 years, thousands of households will defect from their dirty, expensive and unfriendly utility companies.  Allow Ampetus Energy’s turnkey solution to ensure that you are amongst the privileged few.