Solar Choice Article About The Super Lithium Battery

Word is getting out there!  Australia’s top battery is gaining more accolades from a variety of independent sources.

The Solar Choice website have written a fascinating article about our game-changing battery technology.  Well worth a read for the slightly more technical minded.

As you read the article, keep in mind what we are hearing from a number of installers.  They are telling us that the Tesla Powerwall 2 seems to be interminably delayed arriving in Australia.  Many of their customers are realising that there are excellent alternative options for those who don’t want to wait for a Powerwall, and who want to jump onto the energy storage bandwagon today!

You can find the article here.  Enjoy!

While on the subject of people writing articles in praise of our battery, a really switched on company in Brisbane also wrote about our battery on their Facebook page.  These guys have a lot of experience with many batteries, including, once again, the Tesla Powerwall, and yet, they are switching to promote our batteries.  Almost makes us want to blush!  Please click here to read!