The most affordable batteries in Australia!

Recent third-party report that lists our batteries as the most affordable in Australia.

Independent solar and renewable energy quoting website, SolarQuotes, has listed Ampetus Energy’s “Super” Lithium battery as the cheapest in Australia.

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Lithium vs Lead Acid

To understand what a “Super” lithium battery is, it’s worth reviewing what a lithium battery is. To do that, let’s contrast it with traditional lead acid batteries.

Made from a mixture of lead plates and sulfuric acid, lead acid batteries were one of the first kind of rechargeable battery, invented in 1859. Lithium ion batteries are a more recent invention, only becoming commercially from the 1980′s.

Lithium technology has become well proven and increasingly common for powering small electronics like laptops or cordless tools. But in 1996 a new formula for mixing lithium ion batteries was developed, called Lithium Iron Phosphate.

This technology has been progressing at lightning speed, providing a number of advantages over lead acid:

  1. More “Useable” Capacity: Unlike lead acid batteries, you can regularly use 90% or more of the rated capacity of a lithium battery bank, and sometimes more.
  2. Extended Cycle Life: Studies show that you could expect to see significantly more cycles out of a well-cared-for Lithium Iron Phosphate battery bank.
  3. Limited loss of voltage: In contrast to lead acid, partly discharged lithium batteries offer nearly the same output of voltage as fully charged batteries.
  4. Smaller and lighter: Lithium batteries are significantly lighter and smaller than lead acid, making storage easier.
  5. Fast & Efficient Charging: Lithium-ion batteries can be “fast” charged to 100% of capacity. Unlike with lead acid, there is no need for an absorption phase to get the final 20% stored. If your charger is powerful enough, they can also be charged extremely fast.
  6. Limited Waste: Lead acid batteries are less efficient at storing power. Lithium batteries charge at nearly 100% efficiency, compared to the 85% efficiency of most lead acid batteries. This can be especially important when charging via solar, when you’re trying to squeeze as much efficiency out of every amp as possible before the sun goes down or gets covered up by clouds. With limited roof & storage space for panels, this is critical to optimising every inch of wattage.
  7. Fewer Placement Issues: Lithium-ion batteries do not need to be stored upright, or in a vented battery compartment, and can often be assembled into odd shapes for easier storage.
  8. Zero maintenance: Lithium-Ion batteries are virtually maintenance free. A “balancing” process to make sure all the cells in a battery bank are equally charged is automatically achieved by the BMS (Battery Management System). Just charge ‘em up and you’re ready to go.

 What is a “Super” Lithium battery?

As you can see, there are significant advantages to using a lithium battery. But what exactly is a “super” lithium battery and why might you want one?

Think of it as the ‘super hero’ of battery technologies. Just like Superman could run faster and jump higher than us mere mortals, so too does the super lithium surpass even its fellow lithium batteries in almost every area.

Indeed, using cutting edge technology, scientists have built an even better – and cheaper – lithium battery. Here are some of its many advantages:

  • A staggering 27 year life expectancy – the longest life expectancy of any battery, delivering more than 10,000 complete cycles (charge/discharge)
  • An industry leading, unmatched 15 year extended warranty
  • The cheapest battery in the Australian market
  • SAFEST possible lithium chemistry and technology
  • The smallest and lightest lithium battery
  • Lightning fast and efficient charging Resilient to hot temperatures (Temperature range – 20°C to +55°C)
  • Easy to scale, as batteries can be chained together to scale up to any size

The ‘Super’ lithiums are available for purchase today from Ampetus Energy, the exclusive Australian distributors of this game-changing lithium battery.  This battery is very popular, so make sure to reserve yours today, before all stock is sold out.