August 2, 2014

What’s Broken

Every household and business in Australia consumes electricity.Increase in rates

Less than a decade ago, Australia enjoyed the lowest energy costs in the developed world.

In the last five years Australia’s retail electricity prices rose by 72%. Australian electricity prices are now amongst the highest in the world according to the Energy Users Association of Australia (EUAA).  Australian consumers list energy bills as the single household cost that is the cause of most of their concern[1].

A large portion of these rising costs come from the significant loss of energy incurred during transmission of power from generation stations to households. Energy produced at the source of use provides 60% more energy.  In addition to this, renewable energy consumes no resources during energy production.

Even with government incentive schemes decreasing, solar panel penetration rates are still high.  This is indicative of the market’s acceptance of renewable energy in the home.

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So, today’s energy consumer is characteristically:

  1. anxious about increasing power bills,
  2. dissatisfied with their electricity retailer, and
  3. concerned about the damage traditional fossil-fuel based electricity generation causes to the environment.

Together these add up to a whole lot of consumer angst.

Our solutions seek to address this pain.