April 10, 2014

Who We Are

It’s an inescapable fact of life, that every household and business in Australia uses electricity.

It’s also an unfortunate truth that less than a decade ago, Australia enjoyed the lowest energy costs in the developed world.

Well, that has certainly changed! In the last five years Australia’s retail electricity prices rose by 72%.  This has resulted in our electricity prices now being amongst the highest in the world!

Australian consumers say that the single household cost that they are most worried about is their energy bill.  It seems to be constantly rising.  A recent Ernst and Young survey found that 1 in 8 Australians can’t afford to pay their electricity bills.

Energy wholesalers – the companies that generate and transport our electricity to our homes – have the government’s backing to charge us whatever it takes, so that they can recoup their astronomical infrastructure investments. This means that our energy prices will keep growing at the same rate in the future, so that the energy companies can earn back the money they have spent on expensive equipment, polls and wires.

It is time for people like you and me to fight back!

Ampetus Energy is a company whose entire purpose is to reduce energy bills for the average Australian who is struggling under this growing financial burden.

We assists households to cut ties to the expensive and dirty energy producers that have held us hostage for too long.

Ampetus Energy offers a system that traps renewable energy when it is available and stores the energy so that it is available for use when it is needed.  This allows our customers to defect from the electricity grid, or reduce their electricity bills to $0.00!

We also supply the components necessary to enable cost-effective energy storage.

Mission Statement

To use the most ideal energy storage technology to promote the efficient operation and use of energy for the long term interests of consumers of energy with respect to:

Price, quality, safety, reliability of energy supply and impact on environment.